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Car rental with driver in Iran

aradseir car rental company

The cars of Arad Seir Company can be rented at any time you want

The customer can rent a car in Iran on a daily, even weekly, monthly and yearly basis with just one call. A contract is concluded in the company based on your needs without a driver and at a reasonable price and any other conditions that you request Will be set.

Arad Seir has a variety of cars of various types of Iranian and foreign luxury cars. Therefore, to meet the needs of our dear customers who make up a large number of the community, based on the tastes of all types of luxury, mid-range and cheap cars in Arad Seir fleet is.

One of the important things that should be mentioned in concluding a car rental contract in Iran is correct information to the customer and telling all the important points in the car rental contract to the customer.

When renting a car in Iran, the customer must know exactly who should pay the damages in case of car damage or accident and theft, and how much this amount is.

Car rental agreement in Iran in Arad Seir Company is written in such a way that all the things that may be on everyone’s mind are explained to the customer in detail, and this is one of the prominent features of Arad Seir Company.

All cars of Arad seir collection have third party insurance and body insurance, and this will ensure your peace of mind and comfort while driving, whether traveling or in the city with a rented car.

All available Arad Seir cars, including expensive, medium and cheap cars, are fully serviced and provided to customers. It ensures their safety even for long distance traffic. Also, the cars of this complex are completely healthy and clean in appearance, observing all the health protocols on these special days.

If you feel you need to repair and service rented cars, contact Arad Seir Company, so that the best repairman on behalf of the company will arrive at the place you announce and the service will clean the car.

Arad seir Group will provide many methods for esteemed customers to get a guarantee for the return of the rented car. There are several ways to ensure the return of a rented car on the date specified in the contract, such as a passport deposit, cash payment, or a visa.

Another way to rent a car in Tehran is to borrow a passport and a round trip ticket and rent a car in Tehran from the company.

If you need to rent a car without a driver in Tehran for traveling for ceremonial affairs, business affairs, ceremonies or any other occasion, you can contact Arad Seir Company to learn all the notable points and consult your car after checking. Rent it and experience a unique pleasure with Arad seir.

If you are still planning to rent a car with a driver in Tehran, Arad Seir Car Rental Institute will provide you with experienced, multilingual drivers with HSE certification. This way, you will not have to worry about the guest talking to the driver in the presence of your guests.

Renting an escort car is a long-term service that our company offers. If you need a special car to escort a car, you can rent a car without a driver in Tehran from Arad Seir Company.

Frequently Asked Questions When Car Rental In Iran

Passenger passport, round trip ticket and deposit amount based on the price of the rented car

Foreign luxury cars have a daily traffic of 150 km and Iranian cars have a daily traffic of 200 km.

Yes, you only have to follow the allowed kilometer

If you rent a car monthly, you are allowed to use 4500 km per month

After selecting the desired car from the site, whether from Instagram or…, plan a week in advance and contact the company so that the car can be reserved for you.

The car does not have any necessary documents and conditions. You can rent a car whenever you sign a contract and you can even determine the driver’s conditions, for example, you must want the driver to be fluent in English, which the company has at your disposal according to your criteria. Allows the driver to show up in a formal suit, for example, and you can discuss such cases with the consultants of Arad Sir Company.

You can even travel to the city with the car you rented, you just have to pay attention to the permissible kilometer limit.

When delivering a car from your company, you must pay the rental amount.

Today in the world for renting a car is a big issue for giving services to the customers with good condition cars in an excellent condition, ideal price for renting a car.

Those people who want to rent a car in Iran are looking for best possibilities of “Rental Car in Iran services” for good companies of “Rental Car in Tehran Services”,  according to match their budget and target for spending for renting a car, they will be reffering to the “Rent a Car in Tehran  Company” for selecting a car according to the budget which they have kept aside for the car rent.

In continuation of this, they look for the best model of the car to be selected in future, be with us.


Services of Arad seir Company

AradSeir Car Rental Company is ready to provide the best services to our dear customers in Tehran and other cities of Iran in various fields such as van rental, ceremonial and luxury car rental without driver in Tehran and airport transfer at your service. For information on prices, you can benefit from the company’s services by visiting the site and in the cheap car rental sections in Iran with a little searching. The available cars all have their own page in which the prices and technical and appearance specifications of the car are mentioned more. If you see the price of the car of your choice, please contact Arad seir Company for rent.

Arad seir Car Rental Company provides easy conditions to rent a car. Car rental prices in Tehran of this company are average daily and from the beginning the price is $ 20. The important point is that you dear ones to rent a car in Iran at least 1 day in advance, book your car of choice after contacting the company. Another noteworthy service of this institution is car rental all over Iran

Why to rent a car? Its better to rent a car from a company?


  1. Every car has a free car wash service before delivery.
  2. If you need help, it will be done in less than an hour.
  3. Easy and fast car reservation is possible even online and in a few seconds.

  4. Reservation car without the need to pay a guarantee
  5. All cars have full body and third party insurance.

Rent a car with a driver

If you are interested in renting a car, the best offer for you is to rent a car with a driver in Iran! Because renting a car with a driver in Iran gives you more suitable opportunities than renting a car without a driver in Iran. All cars with a driver can be rented without the need to provide any documents in the company, and the company because customers with They will be able to safely deliver the requested car to you at work or at home and even at the hotel where they are staying with a fluent and professional driver.

Rent a car without a driver

Driverless car rental is very popular in Iran. Therefore, the conditions for driverless car rental in Iran are very easy. Driverless cars in Tehran are not served to customers for less than 3 days. Also, the price of driverless car rental in Tehran is announced on a daily basis. This type of service is only for rent without a driver in Iran, where the lessor must provide documents to the company, such as a certificate and ID card, and so on. Iranian and foreign high-end cars will be rented to customers by Arad Seir Car Rental Company.


Learn a little about daily car rental in Tehran

Arad Seir Car Rental Company is one of the services it provides to its customers. Delivery of high model Iranian and foreign cars. Due to this issue, customers can choose the desired car with open hands and in accordance with their budget. Arad Seir Car Rental Company also considers discounts for its dear customers, depending on what type of car you have chosen to rent or If you rent weekly or monthly, etc., it is different.

Whenever you have made a definite decision to book your car weekly, you can find out about the discounts by entering the car rental site and announcing the prices, because the car rental company offers exceptional discounts for each car throughout the year. Inspect the car.

Car rental in Tehran

It does not matter what your intention is to rent a car in Tehran and where you want to travel, but what car you need Arad Seir Company can guide you in this field to choose a car more easily. The company tries to provide the best services to customers with nationwide coverage in Iran and car rental services in Iran.

Car Rental In Iran

Aradseir Car Rental Company Another service that it offers to its dear customers is renting a car online, which you can rent your desired car with just a few clicks without coming to the office. Car rental extension time, prices and discounts are all available on the site. Only you need to announce the destination and date of your trip. Arad Seir a Company provides the best offers for your rental car and guides you through the selection process. You can easily rent and use your desired car in less than a few seconds and use it.

These services that are mentioned in the company are all provided for free. The tips are different according to your expectations and the customer’s budget, so that the dear customers will have enough satisfaction. Some car rental companies in Iran charge a fee to book a car. But Arad Seir car rental company does not receive any amount from customers to announce the number of days and time of car reservation.

Just contact us now to book your chosen car.

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